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Washington Post: Researchers and US agencies are overhauling or ending the study of political and medical misinfo due to pressure from Rep. Jim Jordan and other conservatives  —  An … more
Earlier this year, investment bank Piper Sandler published results from an annual survey showing that 87 percent of teens own an iPhone, leaving precious little market for Android … more
I have a confession: I do not like Starfield. The new sci-fi RPG from legendary developer Todd Howard and his Bethesda Game Studios team just didn’t do much for me. I found the gated-off, loading … more
Google is getting sued over Maps, Monster Hunter Now is out, and more. more
A new promo video that Google is likely to release as a part of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launch has made its way onto the internet a couple of weeks early. The video tells the story of the Pixel 8 … more
Authors have entered a war over words with OpenAI for using their books as ‘training’ feedstockBattles between human and artificial intelligence are no longer science fiction. The strikes in … more
On Oct. 4, the government is testing its alert systems across phones, TVs and radios. more
Affordable Dongle DAC features single-ended and balanced outputs, with support for 32-bit/384kHz & native DSD256 Hi-Res audio. more
Reuters: Sources: India will delay its import license requirement for laptops and tablets by a year and instead plans a simpler import registration process from November  —  India will … more
The chatbot GPT-4 has produced more viable commercial ideas more efficiently and more cheaply than US university studentsIn all the frenzied discourse about large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 … more
The public iOS 17 release has been out for a few days. I’m still getting used to some of the new features that Apple added … The post iOS 17’s Messages app has a brilliant gesture you need … more
Illustration by Cath Virginia / The Verge Before I received my first Alexa-enabled smart display as a Christmas gift in 2019, I was not a big fan. I just didn’t feel like I could … more
If you’re looking for an internet provider in the City of Roses, you have a few options to choose from. Check out our top picks for fiber, satellite, 5G and overall best service. more
For better or worse, the timeline between a big triple-A game’s reveal and its actual release can often be a long one. Star Wars Eclipse’s debut trailer was shown at the 2021 Game Awards, and in … more
The Android 14 QPR1 beta is now available for recent Pixel phone models. One feature it introduces is Google's answer to Apple's Continuity Camera, which allows users to turn their smartphones … more
Use these gentle yoga stretches to help your mind wind down before bed. Here's why you should add yoga to your nighttime routine for better sleep. more
Android 1.0 was so barebones, but the allure of Google at its helm was bound to convert the diehard Symbian fan in me. more
You might find yourself, dear Hackaday reader, attracted to some pretty strange corners of the tech world. Who knows when that knowledge of stenography, ancient retrocomputing, and floppy disk … more
Optimization problems—such as scheduling the hundreds of National Football League (NFL) games while attempting to abide by the league’s many, many rules—can take huge computing resources. … more
Prime Video offers recently released horror flicks like Smile, Nope and M3GAN. more
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